Bret Taylor is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of FriendFeed and Quip, and served as the CEO of Google Maps, Facebook, and Salesforce. He currently serves as a board member of Shopify.

Here’s a timeline of his major achievements:

  • 2003: Graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • 2004: Joined Google as a product manager, where he helped to develop Google Maps.
  • 2008: Left Google to co-found FriendFeed, a social media aggregation platform.
  • 2009: FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook for $50 million. Taylor joined Facebook as CTO.
  • 2012: Left Facebook to co-found Quip, a document collaboration platform.
  • 2016: Quip was acquired by Salesforce for $750 million. Taylor joined Salesforce as COO.
  • 2017: Became CEO of Salesforce.
  • 2022: Stepped down as CEO of Salesforce to join Twitter as chairman of the board.
  • 2023: Left Twitter after it was acquired by Elon Musk.

Taylor is a well-respected figure in the tech industry. He is known for his intelligence, his vision, and his commitment to creating a better world through technology. He is also a prolific author and speaker, and he has written widely on the topics of technology, business, and leadership.