Many musicians are signing up for DistroKid’s music distribution service, but they may not be aware of all the hidden fees that can be charged. This post will explore DistroKid’s hidden fees, explaining what they charge and how to avoid paying too much.

What hidden fees does DistroKid charge?

DistroKid charges an annual fee for the use of their service. This fee specified on their website is $19.99. However, many users don’t realize there is an additional fee for each album or song they upload. This fee is $9.99 per album and $0.99 per song. If an artist is uploading many albums or songs, these fees can add up quickly.

What other hidden charges are there?

In addition to the annual fee and per album/song fee, DistroKid also charges a processing fee of $1 per album/song. This fee is charged each time an album or song is uploaded, so costs can add up quickly if musicians are uploading a lot.

There is also a $2.99 fee for sharing an album or song with a friend. This fee is charged each time a user shares a song or album with someone, so costs can add up quickly.

DistroKid offers a useful music distribution service for musicians, but it’s important to be aware of the hidden fees they charge. Understanding these fees can help musicians avoid paying too much for the use of DistroKid.