SoundCloud’s ownership situation is currently in a state of flux, with potential changes on the horizon:

Current Shareholders:

  • Raine Group: This venture capital firm has been a major investor in SoundCloud since 2017 and currently holds the largest single shareholder position.
  • Temasek Holdings: This Singaporean state investment fund is another significant shareholder, having invested in SoundCloud alongside the Raine Group in 2017.
  • Other smaller investors: Various other venture capital firms and individual investors also hold smaller stakes in SoundCloud.

Potential Sale:

  • In January 2024, reports emerged that both Raine Group and Temasek are exploring a potential sale of SoundCloud before the end of the year. This means the identity of the largest shareholders could change significantly in the near future.
  • Potential buyers for SoundCloud are unknown at this time, but various tech companies and media groups have been floated as possible candidates.