The largest music streaming services in South Korea are:

  1. Melon (38%)
  2. Genie Music (27.9%)
  3. YouTube Music (19.6%)
  4. Flo (13%)
  5. Vibe (3.9%)
  6. Kakao Music (3.4%)
  7. Bugs Music (1.9%)
  8. Apple Music (1.2%)

These eight music streaming services account for over 98% of the total market share in South Korea. Melon is the clear market leader, with a market share of nearly 40%. Genie Music and YouTube Music are also very popular, with market shares of over 20% each. Flo, Vibe, and Kakao Music have smaller market shares, but they are still significant players in the market. Bugs Music and Apple Music have the smallest market shares, but they are still growing in popularity.