NuBank (Nu Holdings) is pushing the banking industry in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

I have been wanting to invest in NuBank for some time, but I have thought for the past year or so – that their market cap has become so large that they are simply just un-investable at these levels.

To prove this was the case I thought I would do a very simple side by side comparison with a legacy bank that is predominantly in key markets.

MetricNu HoldingsBarclays
Assets Under Management$10.2B$2.3T
Number of Customers30M48M
Market Cap$35 billion$28 billion

I know NuBank is in 3 emerging markets – with at least 200 million people in those countries that are currently unbanked. However, even if NuBank was able to have 100 million customers – expand their product lines and then start to really focus on other markets – do you think they can really grow to the AUM or sheer network size of Barclays?

Or is this a perfect short sell position?