For a long time I have been writing different kinds of blogs online. I started a blog focused purely on technology back in 2006 – it was called Crenk. After two years of running Crenk it was doing really well – it got to a million readers every month and things were great. Then Google changed their algorithm and overnight it went from a million readers a month to about ten thousand.

 🌏 End of the world!

Everything I had built for the past two years were gone in an instant!

A long time after that I decided not to write a blog. I thought it was futile!

However – we were starting a new company that would in 2008 and we really need to grow an audience – but we had $0 marketing budget. The only way we were going to drive an audience to our site and keep them there was to produce a strong blog! It had no extra costs – was based upon time and quality of content – and allowed us to drive people to find our site instead of us having to find them (this was the same time Hubspot coined the term – Inbound Marketing!).

 ✍️ This was the start of the RouteNote Blog

The RouteNote blog took a year or two to really start to grow, but it helped us drive the majority of new customers to our service in the early years! It was hard going and long hours and I was the only writing on that blog for the first 4 years or so.

The RouteNote blog now gets over 250,000 new readers per month and drives a large minority of all signups still on the main RouteNote site. Its invaluable and by far the best investment I ever made!

That brings us to now…..

I still own Crenk and write on there from time to time, but it isn’t the same product as it used to be. The RouteNote blog has gone from strength to strength and now has 3 fulltime writers there.

and I have started writing here….


Im still not entirely sure why.. If I write articles on Crenk I will get a lot more SEO and a lot more natural readers, but it has always been focused on Tech. I wanted a place that was mine – somewhere I could share my thoughts (not matter what the topic). I don’t really care if lots of people read articles on my site or not – I’m writing on here purely for the love of writing …. and I find it really helps me to express myself and to my ideas out of my head!

So expect a lot more articles (a lot are going to be random).