According to the most recent information available, Reed Hastings owns approximately 2% of Netflix’s outstanding shares. This makes him one of the company’s largest individual shareholders. However, the exact amount of his ownership can fluctuate due to market transactions and other factors.

In terms of voting rights, Hastings’ ownership translates to approximately 3.9% of the company’s voting power. This is because each share of Netflix’s Class B common stock carries 10 votes, while each share of Class A common stock carries only one vote. Hastings holds primarily Class B shares, which gives him a disproportionate amount of influence over the company’s governance.

It is important to note that Hastings’ ownership stake in Netflix has changed over time. He has sold some of his shares in the past, and he may continue to do so in the future. However, he has also stated that he is committed to remaining a significant shareholder in Netflix for the long term.

Here is a summary of Reed Hastings’ ownership of Netflix:

  • Shares owned: Approximately 2% of outstanding shares
  • Voting power: Approximately 3.9% of voting power