I have just started to do some testing on the Brave Browser. I thought it would be fun to see if it was possible to actually use it consistently and make a little extra income on the side. After using it for a few weeks it didn’t really seem to be paying off. However, the worst part was the inability to move Brave Rewards straight to a Brave Wallet and collect earnings.

Brave Rewards were created first and see to be silo’d outside of other Brave services, such as the Wallet (which is a recent addition).

Currently, if you want to move your Brave Rewards you need to move them either via Uphold or via Gemini (both of which aren’t great choices and yet another account required for little to no reason).

Im hoping in future versions of Brave Rewards and the Brave Wallet they can just simply work together. I would love a world in which I could use my browser (which automatically stops annoying ads and replaces them with a better advertising option in browser that pays me in a cryptocurrency for viewing those ads – then allows me to seamlessly move them into a wallet to either transfer into another currency or put it straight into my bank.

Maybe one day that day will come!