Personal / Life Moments Hard to Select via AI – Google Shutting Down Print AI Subscription Service

Droid Life has learned (via The Verge) that Google is shutting down the AI-guided trial service on June 30th.

Google didn’t announce why it is closing the printing service, but I would assume this won’t be the last time we see this service being offered.

The service was $8 per month and it had AI pick your 10 best picture and print them on 4×6 cardstock.

There are some things in life which aren’t going to be improved by AI and I think one of them is selecting moments to print from your life. People like to be in control and taking the time to look through all the photos is actually the most rewarding part of the process.


Top 10 Adobe Premiere Pro Effects and How to Use Them (Video)

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the Adobe products that has been growing a lot of the past few years and it’s easy to see that it is one of the best tools in the ever growing Adobe creative suite.

The video above talks about the best 10 effects that are currently in Adobe Premiere Pro. It runs through these effects are how to best use them inside Adobe Premiere Pro.


Elon Musk – University Speech – Life Advice to Change Your Outlook

I found myself stumble across this video and this is one of the best speeches I have heard in a while.

It made me step back and ponder.

I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy!


How much do companies pay for background music that accompany commercials or viral videos?

For a company to properly license a song they would need to get the sync license from the music publisher/writer of the song, pay a fee, and then obtain a license from the record company/owner of the sound recording itself.

This is exactly why Synchedin was created.

It solves the complexities of sync licensing and makes the process as easy as obtaining a Spotify subscription.

  • Unlimited commercial projects
  • Unlimited downloads
  • 1000s of known artists
  • Copyright control so no issues!
  • $4.99 per month
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SpaceX Bought An Entire Village When Setting Up Their Original Space Port

Very interesting video about SpaceX and how they purchased a very small village called Boca Chica for their original space port.


Tour of the Tesla Factory with Elon Musk

This has to be the best factory tour of Tesla I have ever seen. Best of all its very information and runs through a lot of different parts of the factory.

Well worth a watch.

Business Tech

In what ways is Google Waymo a threat to Tesla and its Self Driving Technology?

Waymo at present has a private valuation that is twice as high as Tesla.

How can this be?

Margins! Tesla is focused on the full production of the car where Waymo is focused purely on the underlying technology with self driving cars. Thus, Waymo will have a Gross Margin that is extremely high in comparison to Tesla.

Eric Schmidt talked about this a lot. How Google and its products always wanted to be focused on providing the technology sub stack instead of the full product as it keeps margins at a high level and thus maximising value.


How much does SoundCloud Pay for 100k Plays?

Soundcloud and other music streaming services dont pay per play. The payment model is based on a pro-rata model, which means it has a huge number of factors such as country, type of account, marketshare and many more.

From 100k plays on Soundcloud you can possibly expect to make around $100 at best. But that is also if all those plays are monetizable plays.


Is Google Play Music Closing Down?


Google Music is scheduled to close down later this year around (September or October). Google Music has been an outstanding product, but it seems as though it hasn’t got as much traction as they wanted and they are merging it with YouTube Music and will put all their efforts behind the YouTube Music initiative.


Should I Copyright my music before putting it on YouTube?

It’s not required.

Copyright for music is technically given automatically when you create the track. You don’t have to register it with any organisation across the world to “get the copyright”.

Thus, after creating a track I would look to release the track on YouTube, Soundcloud and into all music streaming services (which you can do for Free via RouteNote).


Can I put other people’s TikTok videos on YouTube to earn money?

Technically you can try to add other people’s TikTok videos to your YouTube channel and try to earn money. Over time the aim of the YouTube system is to give those royalties to the correct copyrights holders, so they would need to add their music to YouTube Content ID to claim those royalties.

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Rocket Science 101 with Elon Musk – Learning Some Basics

Elon Musk isn’t the best public speaker in the world and sometime he finds it very difficult to get the words from his head and out of his mouth before he his thinking about the next thing to say (which actually is exactly what I have a problem with).

However, in this video Elon explains rocket science in such a simple way that even the average person can start to understand some basics.

Rocket Science 101!

Business Finance

WMG – Warner Music Group Starts Selling Shares on the NASDAQ Today

Warner Music Group is going live on the NASDAQ today. Warner are offering 77 million class A shares at $25 a share. If Warner opens up at $25 per share that means they will have a $12.8 billion valuation.

It’s going to be very interesting to see if investors have an appetite for music companies again.

Underwriters for the new offering include Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs. Ticker symbol will be WMG.

Warner Music Group has an amazing catalogue, but I’m very keen to learn more about their recent investments and what other industries they think they can enter, because doing the old record label model just isn’t going to gain enough growth over the next 20 years.


Do I Have to Join YouTube Partner Program (YPP) Before Being Able to Join a YouTube MCN?


YouTube have recently changed their rules for YouTube MCN’s which means that all channels within the MCN’s need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program before they become eligible to be added to the MCN’s.

YouTube have been frequently changing the rules for MCN’s which is leaving a lot of channels up against it.

Finance Stock Market

Bill Ackman: Free Cashflow is Everything and The Main Way To Value a Company

Bill Ackman is an investor that many people across the world follow. Here is an interested snippet from an interview with Bill (not sure the date), but it provides an idea on what type of companies Bill really wants to invest in.


Can Blogging Really Make Money in 2020?

This is the exact question I have setout to answer!

Blogging and writing is a great way for me to get my thoughts out of my head. However, it would also be nice to make this little side project as self sufficient as possible.

Additionally, I find that writing content really helps me to learn and investigate about specific topics. (Everything in life is a learn process)

Im going to try to write as much as possible for the remainder of 2020 and see where we can get to by the end. I don’t have amazingly high hopes, but it will be a fun process either way.


The Deep Ocean Garbage Patch is Happening!

It’s not just on the surface of the ocean but we are also making a garbage patch at the bottom of the ocean. Very interesting article over at Arstechnica.

Microplastics are constantly getting buried at the bottom of the oceans.

Source: Arstechnica

Tech Video

Top 5 YouTube Channels for No Copyright Music – Free to Use Music for YouTubers

Here is a new video we have created for finding the Top 5 YouTube Channels for No Copyright Music – Free to Use Music for YouTubers.

We hope that the video highlights some of the best places for music for YouTubers. Finding legal music to use and to license legally has always been an issue. If you want to do this cheaply and legally please take a look at Synchedin. Synchedin offers unlimited downloads with unlimited commercial usage for $4.99 per month.


UBER Now Don’t Have a COO, CTO or CPO. When will the Executives Stop Leaving?

Uber have no COO, CTO or CPO as their executive team keep leaving the company.

These changes happen quite frequently at very large companies, but it seems strange they all these positions are now empty and executives keep leaving.

I think Uber has one of the best CEO’s in the world right now and the right person to lead the company in difficult times.

But WHY??? Why so many leavers? Are they not backing the new vision of the company? Do they think there are too many large issues within the company?

Time will tell I guess.


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What is the fundamental difference between Amazon and Alibaba? They seem similar, but with different business models

Here is the key difference.

Alibaba is a marketplace. They do not own the inventory of the merchandise sold. They put buyers and sellers together. Buyer and seller agree on terms online via their platform or offline.

Amazon’s main business is they own the inventory, and sell directly to the customer.

Both models have their Pros and Cons. Amazon has also turned into a very strong third party seller platform in recently years, but they still like to control a lot of the fulfilment.