Over the years there have been a lot of companies try to build IMDB for the music industry. However, none have been able to get to scale.

I have a theory behind this…

IMDB is all about movies – in which is long form content and the audience spend at least a few hours of their life focused on watching something – for either entertainment or educational purposes. Spending that amount of time watching one thing – means the customer is willing to really dedicate time into it.

Music is the opposite.

Music is short form content that is consumed in a matter of minutes and then the consumer moves onto the next one. As technology improves and artists now have the ability to distribute their music to streaming services via distributors (like RouteNote) – it means there is also more music being created now than ever before. This type of content means that the customer isn’t as engaged or consumed by the content. Thus, not willing to spend a great deal of time to research about the music they are consuming.

We built Tunedex (via RouteNote) to help solve this problem for music, but we have since realised that this isn’t really a problem.