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AI Generated Image Copyrights – Is It Really OpenAI?

The world of AI generated images and copyright ownership over the images created – is a very interesting world indeed. 

OpenAI Dall-E 2 images as the example: 

“To use DALL-E 2, you have to agree to OpenAI’s Terms of Use. According to these terms, OpenAI actually owns the images you create (which the Terms of Use call “generations”). OpenAI graciously grants you the right to sell your DALL-E 2 images (assuming you can somehow persuade someone to pay you for an image they can copy for free).

If that feels like the maker of the paintbrush telling Monet what he gets to do with his painting, that’s understandable.

To add insult to injury, OpenAI’s terms go further. Just to make it perfectly clear, you expressly assign any rights you might have in your image (whatever those might be) to OpenAI by contract. As the owner of the image, OpenAI can grant other people the right to reproduce, publish, or sell images that you create with DALL-E 2. You could find yourself in the position of walking into a store and seeing it selling your DALL-E 2 masterpiece on cheap T-shirts, and there would be nothing you could do to stop it.”

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Shutterstock Buys AI Driven Amper Music – Shutdown and Keep More Margin on Music?

Shutterstock has acquired AI driven Amper Music.

Amper Music claims to have over 1 million individual audio samples in its catalogue.

It seems like Shutterstock wants to be able to create endless AI driven music and be able to monetize that in its marketplace and keep 100% of the royalties. It will be interesting to see what happens to Amper Music after the transaction closes, as I expect that the company will be completely shutdown immediately.


Personal / Life Moments Hard to Select via AI – Google Shutting Down Print AI Subscription Service

Droid Life has learned (via The Verge) that Google is shutting down the AI-guided trial service on June 30th.

Google didn’t announce why it is closing the printing service, but I would assume this won’t be the last time we see this service being offered.

The service was $8 per month and it had AI pick your 10 best picture and print them on 4×6 cardstock.

There are some things in life which aren’t going to be improved by AI and I think one of them is selecting moments to print from your life. People like to be in control and taking the time to look through all the photos is actually the most rewarding part of the process.