Minecraft: Story Mode [Minecon 2015 Trailer] Same Story – Amazing New Adventure

Minecraft story mode trailer is here. Let us know what you think!

The Untold Story: Why Microsoft Acquires Nokia For $7 Billion!

The Untold Story: Why Microsoft Acquires Nokia For $7 Billion!

Nokia Music for Windows 8 App Hand-On Review

Nokia has developed a Nokia Music native Windows 8 application and it looks pretty good. It does look very similar to the Xbox Music service.

Internet Explorer Market Share vs Murder Rate in USA

Internet Explorer Market Share vs Murder Rate in USA. Coincidence? I think not! LOL

Qualcomm – I never count out Microsoft in reference to smartphone platform war

$qcom CEO: ‘I never count out $msft’ in reference to smartphone platform war; ‘they play the long game, they’ve got a lot of resources’ Source – Venturebeat

2013 Should Be The Last Year of CES

When you think CES couldnt get any worse! Qualcomm’s insane CES 2013 keynote in pictures and tweets. All the big companies, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon aren’t even at CES 2013. I think this is going to be the last year of CES.

Halo 4: Kids Playing with Guns Poster

Not sure I like posts that show kids playing with guns.. even though it is for Halo 4.

Old School: Windows 95 Upgrade Signed by Bill Gates

Great photo of an old Microsoft upgrade signed by some geek! The Microsoft is strong in this one!

The Vergecast 052 – Talk Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface

The Vergecast tech talk session about Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 and more..

Quick Look at Windows 8 Start Menu and Some Windows 8 Apps

Im sure you have heard that Microsoft just launched Windows 8 yesterday. I have been using it here in the office and its great, but does take some getting used to from Windows 7. Anyways here is a quick look at the start menu and some Windows 8 apps.

Microsoft Surface by Photos

Here are some great photos of the new Microsoft Surface.

By The Insider, In microsoft, surface, PostedOct 26, 12

Best Review of the Microsoft Surface

I think Microsoft has produced a great looking device, but it still falls short on the keyboard design and basic casing.

Integration – Xbox Video and Xbox Games Launching on Windows 8 on the Windows 8 Launch Date

Windows 8 is getting the Xbox Video and Xbox Games services on the 26th of October. These services will be available from the launch of Windows 8 and its great to see that Microsoft are finally getting their act together and sorting out integration between their own services. via – Mashable

Microsoft Surface Advertising Campaign Gets Spotted on the New York Subway

It seems like Microsoft are already starting to advertise their upcoming Surface tablet. Microsoft’s new guerilla marketing tactic: Draw graffiti of the Surface on local car washes

Surface vs. iPad: Microsoft’s Getting Rusty Stealing from Apple

It seems like Microsoft are just stealing everything from Apple. Here is the Microsoft Surface launch vs the iPad launch.

Great Microsoft Surface FAIL

This epic FAIL is from the official Microsoft launch of their new tablet the Microsoft Surface.