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Quick Look at Windows 8 Start Menu and Some Windows 8 Apps

windows 8 microsoft store

Im sure you have heard that Microsoft just launched Windows 8 yesterday. I have been using it here in the office and its great, but does take some getting used to from Windows 7. Anyways here is a quick look at the start menu and some Windows 8 apps.

Integration – Xbox Video and Xbox Games Launching on Windows 8 on the Windows 8 Launch Date

Xbox Windows 8 Xbox Games

Windows 8 is getting the Xbox Video and Xbox Games services on the 26th of October. These services will be available from the launch of Windows 8 and its great to see that Microsoft are finally getting their act together and sorting out integration between their own services.

Xbox Windows 8 Xbox Video

via – Mashable

Microsoft Surface Advertising Campaign Gets Spotted on the New York Subway

surface train advertising everywhere microsoft

It seems like Microsoft are already starting to advertise their upcoming Surface tablet.

Microsoft’s new guerilla marketing tactic: Draw graffiti of the Surface on local car washes