Why is In-and-Out a Private Company and Not a Public Company?

In-and-Out remains a private company because it is hard to run a public company and there are limited upsides.

Lynsi Snyder is the current owner and she is a billionaire without the stress of being public. Public companies require a lot more regulation.


What is (NRZ) New Residential Investment Corp New Dividend Rate After Coronavirus COVID-19?

(NRZ) New Residential Investment Corp have announced that because of the Coronavirus they are reducing their next dividend payment to $0.05.

This now means that the yield will be around 5%.

NRZ Dividend Rate

Business Tech

Quibi Launches Today! Quibi Will Flop for Sure!

Quibi launches today.

Price point: $4.99

Reason: Immersive video content on a mobile device.

Funding: Quibi has raised over $1.8 billion in funding to date.

I think it’s very easy to see that Quibi is being made by a bunch of executives who aren’t or connected to their target audience. Quibi is built for a younger generation who don’t really want to consumer full length films on their mobile devices only. The younger generation are all about short form content and getting information as fast as possible (eg. TikTok).

p.s. their target audience also don’t have enough money for yet another subscription service at $4.99 per month.

Conclusion: Quibi will be a flop!

Im expecting that we are all sitting here in 12 months saying that they just haven’t been able to get the subscriber numbers that they wanted or needed to hit with $1.8 billion in funding.

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Twitch Sees Big Viewership Growth But Needs to Expand Beyond Games to Generate $1 billion in Ad Revenue

Twitch has seen a huge wave of growth in its viewership in most part due to coronavirus. Twitch wants to generate $1 billion in ad revenue and commerce this year, according to The Information. The company reportedly delivered about $300 million in ad revenue in 2019.

The only way Twitch are going to achieve this is by expanding beyond just hardcore gamers. Brands will want to see diversity of content – Games, Music, Chat, Entertainment and more.

Twitch seems to be the first part of Amazon’s grand plan for gaming. Amazon will soon launch its very first game from its recently established gaming studio.

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Bill Gates – TED Talk 2015 – Next Outbreak Will Look Very Much Like Coronavirus COVID-19

Bill Gates and his TED talk from 2015. States that the next outbreak is going to look very much like the one we are in now with the Coronavirus COVID-19.

It is very interesting to see Bill and what he is doing with his Foundation. It’s doing some amazing work!


Tesla is NOT a Hypergrowth Company? Im NOT sure I agree

Tesla is a very interesting beast! It looks and feels like a car company, but really it’s not!

Here is a link to an interesting article about Tesla not being a hypergrowth company.

Read the full article here.

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Wimbledon 2020 Cancelled but They Will Gain £100 million due to Infectious Disease Insurance

Wimbledon announced yesterday that they have had to cancel the 2020 All England Championships because of the coronavirus outbreak. This comes off the back of the French Open announcing that they were going to try to reschedule their Grand Slam from May to September, because it was expected to lose £230 million if they had to cancel.

Wimbledon took the strong position of cancellation, because they knew that they had insurance of £100 million if they had to cancel the Championships.

It turns out that the All England Club had the foresight to take out infectious disease insurance during the SARS outbreak, which has then help them in a good stead for the current coronavirus outbreak.

Still a huge shame though that there will be no Wimbledon 2020!

(I used to play tennis for a living, so it’s just unimaginable to not have Wimbledon this year!)

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iPhone 3G only $99, it’s Possible

Some hot news for those of us that have with held buying an iPhone (all 2 of you). Word on the street is that Apple has had an excellent 4th Quarter, and with sales of iPhones surpassing previous estimations, there is some wiggle room when it comes to price.

The iPhone which currently resides in an exclusive contract with AT&T, sells for $199 with contract. Millions and millions of people jumped on board with the first iPhone came out, and the second generation was just as popular. With over 15 million iPhone sold worldwide, it has dominated the mobile market. Outstanding sales have given Apple a cushion in case the current economic downtown starts to effect sales, they can afford to drop the price of the iPhone to $99.

What would a $99 iPhone do to the market? For starters, with such a low barrier to entry, the iPhone will clearly bleed further into the consumer market, even those on the fence would be tempted to purchase, and the market dominance would only leave true niche mobile companies like Blackberry able to withstand the onslaught.

Conjecture? Possibly, but only time will tell. Get those Christmas wish lists ready and stay tuned for more info!