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Stripe Invoicing – Misses the Point!

Stripe has just launched a new invoicing tool to help its customers create invoices faster and more efficiently. However, it misses the point!

Stripe has offered invoicing options for some time within its standard platform, but now they have decided to segment it out and try to charge for something that was previously for Free (without telling anyone).

Additionally, the invoicing product only seems to be tailored to its current customer base, which is very tech / startup / businesses that require a developer heavy!

Oh… and I forgot to mention that they want to take 0.5% of your entire invoicing price just to provide you with super basic tech you really should be getting for Free.

No wonder this is getting heavily downvoted on ProductHunt!

Better luck next time Stripe. This could have been good, but missed the mark.


How Many Photos and Videos are on Shutterstock 2021

Shutterstock has over 350 million photos and vectors at the beginning of 2021 – with approximately 10 million videos.

Great collection, but very expensive for the average creator. They have tried to focus on the top end of the business market.


Will I get a copyright strike if I submit my song to RouteNote or CDbaby after I upload it to my YouTube channel?


Within these platforms you should be able to whitelist your artist channel or even have your artist channel in their Networks.

In some cases you might be claimed, but all you need to do is to dispute the claims or talk with the support teams at these services and the claim will get removed immediately.

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DogeCoin Crashes as Elon Musk Jokes at the Coin on SNL

Dogecoin is crashing!

Dogecoin is down 15% in just the last 24 hours.

Elon Musk was on SNL last night in the US and it has lead to a giant crash in Dogecoin immediately as the credits rolled on the show.


My Ultimate Escape Music at the Moment – Escape Everything 3 | A Chill Mix

I came across this about a year ago and it is amazing! I find this mix to be amazing to run in the background when I’m trying to get stuff done.


Ideas are just a Multiplier of Execution

I came across this image a while back from Derek Sivers (who started CDbaby). Its an old image, but I think it explain a lot.

A few people have mentioned to me recently that they have new business ideas, but they are scared to tell too many people as they think their idea could be copied. I replied to them stating that they shouldn’t be worrying about the idea – and everything comes down to execution!

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Dogecoin Pump and Dump – But NO Dump just yet

DOGEcoin is a meme coin with no value at all. It seems like the Redditors on Wall Street Bets are doing a pump and dump, but its been just over a week now and dump hasn’t really happened.

It seems like the Buy and Hold game is on.

Loving the fact that this joke coin now has a market cap of $32 billion.


Favourite Track at the Moment – Lane 8 – Don’t Let Me Go

This is my new favourite track at the moment. I dont know why exactly…. but it just helps me to think.

Lane 8 – Don’t Let Me Go!


VCs More Worried About Their Socials

Is it just me or do VCs spend more time tweeting these days compared to actual research in the markets they are going to invest in?


MKBHD unboxes and then shows off the Apple AirTags (Video)

MKBHD unboxes and then shows off the Apple Airtags and how they work.

It seems like this is a nice addition for Apple, but it is just a direct ripoff of Tile. Its not exactly the type of innovation you expected from Apple in the Steve Jobs era.