Companies Get Harder as they Get Larger (not easier)

It’s funny… when you start a company you think the larger it gets the easier it is going to be – as you’re able to start handing off jobs and deligate your team.

However, no one really explains to you the larger it gets the harder it actually gets.

Yes.. you can hand off those jobs to the other members in your team and they can take complete autonomy over the decision making, but there are all the little things that no one ever talks about – culture, strategy, team structure, heirarchy, wages, policies on pretty much everything from HR to Finance.

Sometimes a lifestyle business in which the owner can have an amazing lifestyle really is the best way to go!


Can Companies See Page Followers on Linkedin?


Companies are now able to see their page followers on their Linkedin company pages by going to their company page > Analytics and then See Followers.

This is a feature that has been requested for a very long time and it’s great to see that Linkedin have listened and finally added this feature.


Does Mark Zuckerberg Believe in Work Life Balance?

Yes. It has been openly stated by Mark Zuckerberg that he believes more in a work life balance compared to other entrepreneurs like Elon Musk.