Notion – How Do Medium and Large Businesses Use Notion?

Notion is an amazing new product that has been growing in popularity very quickly. If you have never used Notion it is a Wiki, Notes, Docs and To List manager all in one product. Notion allows customer to use the service in whatever way they choose and it’s a completely customisable toolset to meet each persons needs.

Notion is all run by a very small team at present of around 50 people and worth a valuation of around $2 billion.

At my company we have started to use Notion as we needed an internal wiki as our company has been growing very quickly from around 30 staff to now 80 staff. Notion provides a great place to have staff members collaborate on documents and organise as much information as possible.

I have been wondering for some time how other medium and large companies are using Notion? However, there seems to be very little information about this online at present.

If you have been using Notion at your organisation I would love to hear how you have been using the product to benefit collaborate, communication and transparency.


Confluence – Is It Really Worth $10 per user per month to Create an Internal Wiki on Their Platform?

For the past month or so I have been thinking a lot about internal communications at our company and trying to work out how we can create a central source of truth and information for all the products we create. This lead me to Confluence.

Confluence is a tool that allows anyone to create a wiki (that actually looks good) in a matter of minutes.

Confluence looked like a great solution and I even had a play around with the product as its free to signup and use for 10 people. However, I was simply shocked at the price of such a tool. I understand internal communication is very important, but should it really be valued at $10 per user per month?

I know Confluence hosts the platform and there are a lot of great features, but $10 per user per month just seems a little bit over the top for a tool that I could create using WordPress in a matter of hours (which will have a hosting cost, but at a fraction of the cost).

Why are so many technology companies especially paying for such a service? Is it because of the ease of use? Is it because of the templates?

You can’t even brand Confluence effectively for your company on the $10 per user per month.