How Many Photos and Videos are on Shutterstock 2021

Shutterstock has over 350 million photos and vectors at the beginning of 2021 – with approximately 10 million videos.

Great collection, but very expensive for the average creator. They have tried to focus on the top end of the business market.

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Shutterstock Buys AI Driven Amper Music – Shutdown and Keep More Margin on Music?

Shutterstock has acquired AI driven Amper Music.

Amper Music claims to have over 1 million individual audio samplesĀ in its catalogue.

It seems like Shutterstock wants to be able to create endless AI driven music and be able to monetize that in its marketplace and keep 100% of the royalties. It will be interesting to see what happens to Amper Music after the transaction closes, as I expect that the company will be completely shutdown immediately.