Duolingo Working on a Music App – Music Industry Watch This Space!

Duolingo is currently working on a music app.

It turns out that Duolingo (which has over 500 million users – not sure how many are active) – have been working on a music app with a small team for some time.

There is currently a job for a learning scientist who is an “expert in music education who combines both theoretical knowledge of relevant learning science research and hands-on teaching experience”.

The job listing suggests that the app will teach basic concepts in music theory using popular songs and teachers.

This sounds very interest – as it would be a great stepping stone for Duolingo to move into a lot of new and interesting areas of education, with their already massive audience.

via – Techcrunch


Running a Business is All About Your Ability to Learn – Quickly

Life feels like an endless To Do List at the moment.

Its amazing – when you learn about business the courses really teach you about being able to run a small business. They never tell you that as it gets bigger your job becomes harder and harder and its all about your ability to learn a completely new set of skills at every different size of the business.

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Bill Ackman: Amazing 1 Hour Interview with Pershing Square Founder, hedge funds & learning from your mistakes (Video)

Bill Ackman is a very interesting person in the world of investing. Below is a great interview with Bill that talks about everything Pershing Square, hedge funds and learning from your mistakes. There are a lot of great quotes inside this interview.

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Rocket Science 101 with Elon Musk – Learning Some Basics

Elon Musk isn’t the best public speaker in the world and sometime he finds it very difficult to get the words from his head and out of his mouth before he his thinking about the next thing to say (which actually is exactly what I have a problem with).

However, in this video Elon explains rocket science in such a simple way that even the average person can start to understand some basics.

Rocket Science 101!