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Didi Delisting from the NYSE and Moving to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Chinese ride-hail giant DiDi said it will delist from the New York Stock Exchange, following a Chinese government crackdown on foreign listings. (via Axios)

Didi is the Uber of China (and beyond) and it seems as though their progress might be hindered with growing geopolitical tensions between the US and China.

The delisting will occur soon and Didi will move trading across to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been know to have lower general multiple than its US counterparts.

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Is Xiaomi Listed on a Stock Market and Is the Xiaomi Profitable?

Yes – Xiaomi listed on the Hong Kong stock market under the ticker (1810.HK)

Yes – Xiaomi is a profitable company at the time of writing this article. Xiaomi generated $1.1 billion in Operating profits for the year end 2019.