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Synchedin – Music for All Creators – Unlimited Music for Your Videos

Creators are always looking for great music – that’s why we created Synchedin! But Synchedin also allows the musicians to finally get a strong revenue share from a licensing service!

The music is fully controlled by Synchedin and is completely safe to use across social media, etc, globally.

For only $4.99 per monthly – creators now have an amazing choice of great tracks and the catalogue is growing daily.

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Twitter Becoming More Innovative! $300 billion Market Cap inside 10 Years!

I have found myself Tweeting a lot more over the past couple of months and getting more engagements and interactions on the platform. There seems to be something in the water at Twitter at the moment – as they seem to be going through a big change in innovation and launching more and more product (Twitter Spaces is a great example of this).

I would love to see Twitter Space become its own standalone app (as currently it is quite hard to find who is talking, when and where). Twitter also recently acquire a Newsletter company, so it seems like they are now trying to make a conscious effort to push through monetization for creators in all shapes and forms.

Great moves overall… Im very bullish on Twitter over the next 10 years.

(at the time of writing this Twitter has a $48 billion market cap with $3.7 billion in revenues over the last 12 months). In 10 years I can easily see Twitter being a $300 billion market cap company.


Synchedin Sound Effects Live – Royalty Free Sound Effects for All Creators

Synchedin is our licensing platform for creators of all shapes and sizes.

Synchedin Sound Effects is now live – – we have thousands of Sound Effects being added – in both CC0 and Subscription packages.


  • $3.99 per month – standard subscription
  • $39.99 per year – standard subscription
  • $3.60 per month – if referred by affiliate program
  • $36.00 per year – if referred by affiliate program

Key Selling Points:

  • CC0 (free downloads) and Royalty Free assets (paid subscription downloads)
  • Affordable price for all creators
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Commercial License (any project worldwide in perpetuity)
  • Community lead – See more information on this below

Affiliate Program:

The affiliate program allows any account to refer a friend. The Referrer will receive 10% of the subscription fees for the life of the subscription (percentage can change). Referree receives a 10% discount if they use a referral code (to insentivise using a referral code).

Sourcing SFX:

People can apply to Synchedin as a contributor. Once approved by the Synchedin team, they can add to the sound effects catalogue. The Synchedin team are also adding CC0 sound effects monthly i.e. NASA sounds, Presidential Speeches etc.


Synchedin – Royalty Free Music for YouTube Video Creators

Synchedin is a sync licensing service that lets creator subscribe and use any audio track in the catalogue in the videos they create on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and more.

Key Selling Points:

  • Affordable price for all creators ($4.99 per month or $49.99 per year)
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Commercial License (any project worldwide in perpetuity)
  • Royalty Free
  • Known Independent Artists
  • Claims Control – Directly partnered with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, to be able to release claims if required.

If your looking for royalty free music for your videos then take a look at Synchedin. Its great value for money and will allow you to make more money and focus more on the videos you are creating.