Will I get a copyright strike if I submit my song to RouteNote or CDbaby after I upload it to my YouTube channel?


Within these platforms you should be able to whitelist your artist channel or even have your artist channel in their Networks.

In some cases you might be claimed, but all you need to do is to dispute the claims or talk with the support teams at these services and the claim will get removed immediately.


Can I put other people’s TikTok videos on YouTube to earn money?

Technically you can try to add other people’s TikTok videos to your YouTube channel and try to earn money. Over time the aim of the YouTube system is to give those royalties to the correct copyrights holders, so they would need to add their music to YouTube Content ID to claim those royalties.


Is it Free to Upload to Spotify?

Yes. RouteNote is completely free and allows any artists from anywhere in the world to upload as much music as they want to the worlds largest stores and streaming services.

  • Free to uploading unlimited to music to the worlds largest stores and streaming services
  • YouTube Content ID, Facebook Content ID and Instagram included
  • YouTube Networks
  • Distribution in China and other emerging markets.