Outertone Chill – Amazing Chillout Music to Help Relax, Focus on General Background

Over the past 3 months or so we have been running a new YouTube project at RouteNote called Outertone Chill.

The channel is dedicated to Chillout music of all kinds of genres.

The aim of the project to sign and create amazing chillout tracks that can help people relax day to day, focus, or just general background music for their day at work.

If you get a chance please take a look at the channel and it would be great to hear your feedback.


Where do lofi YouTube music channels download their music from?

Most of the Lofi channels on YouTube work with or talk to Lofi artists on a daily basis and they ask if they can use their music in their videos.

If the channel is large they normally ask the artist to sign an agreement which states the channel can use the audio in their videos and keep the money from the videos.