Microsoft Surface Pro Will Be Available to Buy in Canada and USA on Feb 9

Microsoft Surface Pro on sale in US, Canada for $899 on Feb. 9. Im not really sure if this is too much or too little. The Surface Pro is basically a high spec laptop in a tablet body.

The Vergecast 052 – Talk Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface

The Vergecast tech talk session about Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 and more..

Microsoft Surface by Photos

Here are some great photos of the new Microsoft Surface.

By The Insider, In microsoft, surface, PostedOct 26, 12

Best Review of the Microsoft Surface

I think Microsoft has produced a great looking device, but it still falls short on the keyboard design and basic casing.

Microsoft Surface Advertising Campaign Gets Spotted on the New York Subway

It seems like Microsoft are already starting to advertise their upcoming Surface tablet. Microsoft’s new guerilla marketing tactic: Draw graffiti of the Surface on local car washes

Surface vs. iPad: Microsoft’s Getting Rusty Stealing from Apple

It seems like Microsoft are just stealing everything from Apple. Here is the Microsoft Surface launch vs the iPad launch.

Great Microsoft Surface FAIL

This epic FAIL is from the official Microsoft launch of their new tablet the Microsoft Surface.