UBER Now Don’t Have a COO, CTO or CPO. When will the Executives Stop Leaving?

Uber have no COO, CTO or CPO as their executive team keep leaving the company.

These changes happen quite frequently at very large companies, but it seems strange they all these positions are now empty and executives keep leaving.

I think Uber has one of the best CEO’s in the world right now and the right person to lead the company in difficult times.

But WHY??? Why so many leavers? Are they not backing the new vision of the company? Do they think there are too many large issues within the company?

Time will tell I guess.


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What Companies Show The Entire World How Much Salary Each Staff Member is On?

The first company I know to publish the salary of every staff member was Buffer. Buffer have long had an open policy on their wage algorithm.

Buffer recently updated their wage algorithm – you can see the full google spreadsheet here.