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Inspirato By Numbers – Revenue, Members, Vacation Homes, Locations, Prices

Inspirato is a luxury vacation home rental startup that simply just lets you pay a subscription to access unlimited rentals for $2500/month or on-demand rates with a $600/month subscription.

Its 18,000 members can book 1,200 vacation homes in 395 locations.

My Thoughts:

Somehow Inspirato is going public at what looks like might be a $1 billion valuation. Based on the numbers there is potential the company has a $45 million revenue. We have to be in a bubble for anyone to consider this type of business thats growing at 30% year on a year – to be valued anywhere near $1 billion.


Lilium – Flying Electric Taxis – Another Crazy SPAC?

The flying taxis are coming!

Lilium is a German company who are developing electric air taxis – they are currently in talks to go public via a SPAC.

It seems like they are running out of great companies to SPAC and seems like people are focused on select around buzz words – like mobility and electric vehicles.

Another German company with very similar aims, Volocopter, opted to raise new capital on the private market, bringing in €200 million (about $238 million) for a Series D.