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Pono Music Player is Going to Fail and The Average Person Doesnt Care

The Pono Music Player from Neil Young is not a bad idea. However, the product itself is going to fail!

High Definition audio and audio tools and products is the way the music industry is headed. However, I dont think Neil Young understands that with Technology that high definition is an incremental change over time and not a jump. The average person cant tell that the audio is high definition because they either dont have the ear for it, dont have the technology for it, or just simply dont care and not worth the crazy price tag.

Goodbye Pono! Nice idea, but probably 2-5 years too early!

pono music player neil young high def

iPhone PRO concept turns the iPhone 5 into a DSLR camera

iphone 5 dslr camera

Here is a quick look at a new iPhone PRO concept which could turn your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 into a DSLR camera.

This iPhone PRO concept has been created by designer Choi Jinyoung. The DSLR would feature a 1.2 megapixel 3D camera and a removable hard disk (the latter being quite handy for large photo file transfers).

iphone dslr camera

via – Recombu