Football Sports

Leicester City Football Club Win the FA Cup 2020/21 – and Well Done King Power – Leicester City Owners!

On Saturday I sat down like millions of people here in the UK to watch the FA Cup final.

Leicester vs Chelsea

Chelsea came into the game as the strong favourites. However, after an amazing goal by Leicester midfielder Youri Tielemans the foxes took away the FA Cup for the first time in their history.

However, the most amazing thing about the game was the celebrations between the Team, the Manager and the Owners. When we now live in a world where premier league football clubs are owned by billionairres its very rare to see the owners at the games – let alone loved by the fans, the manager and the team! Leicester and their owners (King Power) are loved by all, because unlike nearly every other owner of a premier league football team – they ACTUALLY CARE about the Club, Fans and Community in which their club stands.

Its a refreshing change.

Well done Leicester football club – Team, Manager, and Owners!

Finance Stock Market

GME and AMC are Killing Short Sellers and Its Great!

Wallstreetbets is a sub-reddit where they wanted to try to build a community to for the big short sellers out of certain stocks, but what they didn’t realise is that they can really kill these companies with the power of the retail investors.

Short Seller percentages of outstanding stock:

  • GME = 102% Short Sellers
  • AMC = 18% Short Sellers

Most companies tend to be below 2% in short sellers.

At the time of writing this GME is up to $337 per share (up 128% in one day) and AMC 19.35 per share (up 286% in one day).

The community seems to be using their retail power to try to force these short sellers out of the market and make them bankrupt.

Stick it to the man!