Yesterday Carl Icahn (famous investor) took to Twitter to announce to the world that he had purchased some Apple shares (AAPL).

Instantly Apple share price began to increase. There are rumours that Apple will use the Icahns’ money to buy back over $150 billion worth of its own stock.

I find this insane. It seems as though thousands of investors have now acquired Apple shares on the back of what Carl Icahn has done instead of taking the time and looking at the key fundamentals and the strategy behind Apple. Also very interesting that this comes a day after Larry Ellison does an interview with CBS to talk about Steve Jobs and Apple, stating that without Steve Jobs Apple will start to heavily decline (and fast).

Im a firm believer in thinking for yourself. Instead of following the Carl Icahns’ of the world you should be proactively thinking about companies from your own perspective. Nothing beats sitting down and going through the fundamental numbers of these companies and trying to find a bargain!