Is Reddit the New Forum?

Is Reddit the new forum?

I have been thinking a lot lately about Forums online and how they havent really changed much in the last 5 years or so. Some of the best forum software like Vbulletin, PHPBB and others, must be receiving billions of pageviews every month on different sites around the world. However, forums have been stale in terms of innovation and I was wondering about what is next for the forum industry and software in general.

The best thing about Forums is that anyone can post and its really easy to browse new and interesting content. However, its very hard to grow a community on a forum and there is lots of wasted space and limited functionality in terms of design.

This all lead me to thinking what is next?? and my answers is something like.. Reddit!

Reddit is a huge site within the top 30 largest sites in the world. In 2012 alone they had over 37 billion pageviews. However, Reddit is also very limited. Users can create any sub-reddit they want, but its all kept on site, thus webmasters cant add a specific reddit to their site and make money. Additionally, the community is very geeky in general. I have been a Reddit users for over 5 years and I know there is a specific type of person who uses Reddit, and the rest of the world stays a long way away. In terms of design there are also a few issues, as there are only 25 reddit articles per page, a lot of wasted space and limited revenue opportunities.

So.. this leads me to asking the question.. can someone create a Reddit like system, which will make bulletin boards and forums pointless??

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