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Plurality Voting System – Simulating Alternate Voting Systems (Video)

This video talks about voting systems and why the two party system is so common. It also looks at alternative voting systems.


The Deep Ocean Garbage Patch is Happening!

It’s not just on the surface of the ocean but we are also making a garbage patch at the bottom of the ocean. Very interesting article over at Arstechnica.

Microplastics are constantly getting buried at the bottom of the oceans.

Source: Arstechnica

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Bill Gates – TED Talk 2015 – Next Outbreak Will Look Very Much Like Coronavirus COVID-19

Bill Gates and his TED talk from 2015. States that the next outbreak is going to look very much like the one we are in now with the Coronavirus COVID-19.

It is very interesting to see Bill and what he is doing with his Foundation. It’s doing some amazing work!