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Blue Monkey Please Get in Touch for Minecraft Animation Music Videos

I have been watching a lot of music on YouTube of late (part of the day job). I somehow keep coming back to a Minecraft Animation YouTube Channel that only has 2 music videos. The track they animated was KDrew – Last Train to Paradise (know KDrew quite well). Anyways here is the video:

I have just found out that the Blue Monkey (who’s channel it is) lives in Bristol (quite close in general terms to me). I have been trying to get in touch with the guy for quite some time about possible producing some music videos for artists I manage (Tobu, Axero, Itro, Ahrix, Dogena and Umpire). However, I dont seem to be able to get his attention. :(

This is my last attempt – I thought I would write a quick blog posts to ask him to get in touch as I would love to work with him to create some amazingly cool music videos and then promote them all over the world (not just YouTube).

Blue Monkey please get in touch