Jordan Carver – Sexy Paper Towel Ab Workout Video

Jordan Carver shows us her Paper towel workout, which really grinds your abs.

Sexy Yoga with Jordan Carver (Big Boobs and Cat Included)

Starting the day with a Yoga session from Jordan Carver is simply amazing. However, I really didnt expect some of the moves she is able to do. #Amazing!

Hearthstone New Trailer for The Grand Tournament is Here

Hearthstone is back with a new expansion and its called The Grand Tournament. Above is the trailer for The Grand Tournament. Let us know what you think and if you have been playing Hearthstone.

Umpire and Pushing Buttons – Lucid

Amazing new track from Umpire. Spotify – Soundcloud –

150 Pilot Whales Killed in the Faroe Islands

I came across this image of 150 pilot whales killed in the Faroe Islands recently. I dont understand how this happens in the 21st century. Its terrible! Please support the WWF.

Newman/Charters Birthday Weekend | Short Drone Film

One of my mates has been playing around with his drone, so I thought I would post it and let everyone check it out.

Minecraft: Story Mode [Minecon 2015 Trailer] Same Story – Amazing New Adventure

Minecraft story mode trailer is here. Let us know what you think!

By The Insider, InPosted Jun 26, 15

Crenk – New User Generated Newspaper (Revenue Sharing Coming)

You might have noticed some big changes with Crenk overnight. Here at Crenk we are starting to experiment with a user generated content method. Thus, anyone can now register for a Crenk account and contribute articles to the site. Why? I have long been thinking about how we can help anyone share their opinions with […]

Zergnet – Content Recommendation Is Hard, But Seems Like This Product Actually Works Well

We recently read an amazing article about a content recommendation service that people actually want to use and read the articles promoted. The product is called Zergnet and we have decided to give it a try here on Crenk. We know our traffic is very small compared to what it used to be, but we […]

Blue Monkey Please Get in Touch for Minecraft Animation Music Videos

I have been watching a lot of music on YouTube of late (part of the day job). I somehow keep coming back to a Minecraft Animation YouTube Channel that only has 2 music videos. The track they animated was KDrew – Last Train to Paradise (know KDrew quite well). Anyways here is the video: I […]

Google’s Self Drive Cars Get Green Light For The Roads

Google’s self drive cars have just got the Green light for the roads. These cars are going to change driving as we know it. The main question is about Insurance and if they have a crash who will be liable.

Salesforce Been Approached by Potential Acquirer – Looks Like Oracle

There are a lot of reports coming out this morning that has been approached by a potential acquirer. The rumours are suggesting Oracle may be the potential acquirer as there are strong ties between the two companies.

MitiS & MaHi – Blu (Classic EDM Track from a Couple Years Ago)

Mitis is one of my favourite artists. Here is his track from a few years ago that I just had to share.

Apple Watch Video Guided Tour by Apple (Failed Product Already?)

Here is a video guided tour of the Apple Watch. I really like the concept behind the watch, however this product isnt going to sell enough to really move the revenue needle for Apple. Im hoping this is going to be their first attempt at wearable products and then they starting bringing out some more […]

OMFG – Hello

I have been listening to this track for quite some time and it just stays in my head. Let me know what you think.

Gfinity Starcraft 2 Masters Replay Pack Released

You can now download Gfinity SC Masters replay : Its great to see a Starcraft 2 tournament so quick to release all the games

Ferrari Win Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2015 – Great to See Some Unpredictability!

It was great to see Ferrari back winning a race in Formula 1 today at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Over the past few years Formula 1 has become very predictable and boring. I really hope something changes and many teams can compete. Additionally, they need to bring back a lack of reliability in the cars […]