Add Hotkeys to Spotify on Windows

by The Insider on February 3, 2013

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Toastify in a great new application that adds hotkeys to Spotify on Windows computers. Best of all is that Toastify is completely free. I have been wanting to use hotkeys on Spotify for some time, but it has been difficult because my keyboard doesnt have volume controls. This is by far the best alternative to getting a new keyboard.

The default hotkeys it makes available are the following:

Play/Pause Ctrl-Alt-UP
Stop Ctrl-Alt-DOWN
Next Track Ctrl-Alt-RIGHT
Previous Track Ctrl-Alt-LEFT
Mute on / off Ctrl-Alt-M
Volume up Ctrl-Alt-Page Up
Volume down Ctrl-Alt-Page Down
Show toast Ctrl-Alt-Space
Show Spotify client Ctrl-Alt-S
Copy track information to clipboard Ctrl-Alt-C

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